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Nobody expected the kind of action on the field at Colorado's Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree over the weekend. An inflatable slide is blown away by the wind, with children inside. "All of a sudden, it picks up and there's a girl going down the slide," Vannessa Atencio said. "She flies about eight feet in the air. The slide tumbles across the field." The girl was ejected right away, but there was still a boy trapped on the slides. West Metro Fire Protection District says the boy was carried between 200 to 300 feet before the slide came to a stop before going into the water. The girl was treated and released on the scene. The boy was taken by ambulance for medical attention, but West Metro does not report any serious injuries. "They said that he just looked really beat up and shook up," Horstman said.



1) LAWN DARTS – Throwing a heavy projectile with an extremely pointed tip across the lawn in the general direction of your opponent. These toys are still celebrated by enthusiasts today, despite the fact that they were banned, recalled and made illegal to sell in 1988 after causing close to 7,000 injuries. 

2) TRAMPOLINES - Every kid in the world harbors a desperate love for trampolines.They’re so unsafe that some homeowner’s insurance providers will cancel a policy upon the discovery of an undisclosed trampoline on a covered property.

3) B.B.GUNS- Potential eye injuries aside, these miniature firearms were a popular toy with kids for decades, but have gradually fallen out of favor as modern parents question the wisdom of setting a kid loose on the neighborhood with a firearm.

4) RAZOR SCOOTERS- The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission claims that injuries from non-motorized scooters is the leading cause of injury and even death related to toy use. 

5) SIT AND SPIN - Designed to serve as a sort of miniature merry-go-round, Sit and Spins were capable of fairly high speeds. The resulting disorientation and loss of equilibrium was enough to send a kid hurtling to the floor immediately after standing up. 

6) POGO STICKS - The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has been criticizing them since 2004 when it ranked the sticks as the third most dangerous toy category in terms of death and injury costs.

7) REMOTE CONTROLLED AIRPLANES-  In 2006, two bystanders were killed at a Hungarian air show when an RC model airplane came hurtling into the crowd, despite the fact that the controller was an experienced adult.

8) STILTS- These magical devices that make kids taller and less agile have been a favorite among generations of kids, despite how dangerous they actually are.

9) SLIP N SLIDES- Take a wet surface, multiple kids, way too much excitement, and high speed slides, and you've got a recipe for a trip to the emergency room guaranteed. 

10) BOUNCE HOUSES- Even though kids take their shoes off while using them, they have been in the news lately when high winds took improperly anchored bounce houses for a wild ride, with children inside. 

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