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A global boom and a stateside resurgence have whiskey distillers in Tennessee bracing for a possible shortage, according to The Tennessean. Whiskey sales are outpacing production by “at least 2 to 1,” industry experts told the paper. Now, some of Tennessee’s 25 distilleries are scrambling to meet the growing demand both in the U.S. and abroad. Whiskey — particularly the kind made in Tennessee — and bourbon have found new fans in countries like China, Australia and South Korea thanks to reduced or eliminated tariffs on imported spirits.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council ( DISCUS ), these new markets helped bourbon and Tennessee whiskey exports surpass $1 billion in 2013.




1) RED MEAT AND BACON-  Sure, sushi tastes good, and yes, salads and fish plates can be interesting and even enjoyable. But nothing, I mean nothing, can replace the sensation of biting into a thick, juicy, bloody steak. Well-done is for the weak. And Bacon just plain tastes good.

2) BEER / ALCOHOL- Nothing makes day-to-day life more manageable than a bottle of your favorite brewskie. This isn't to say we need to be drunk to enjoy life, but a cold one sure makes it easier, doesn't it? Besides, without booze, half of our sexual exploits would not have occurred.

3) SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS - The reason shows like NFL Primetime are so popular is because they cut out all the crap involved in watching the NFL and sports in general: the commercials, halftime, timeouts, video reviews, Phil Simms, while giving us all the essential plays, hits, bloopers, and insider information.

4) THE INTERNET - Where else can you get the latest business, sports and entertainment news, as well as funny video clips, jokes and porn? The World Wide Web is man's best and most addictive friend.

5) SEX - Nothing is better than sex, especially if you have an unobstructed view of the television.

6) VIDEO GAMES - No matter what piece of crap life tosses your way, video games offer an easy, entertaining and graphically-pleasing escape.

7) STRIP CLUBS- Technically, this is a form of entertainment, but really, if watching naked women gyrating around a pole doesn't equate to sex, what does?

8) THE TV REMOTE- For most men, not having a remote control is like not having a right hand. We're so dependent on it that, if it were misplaced, we'd rather spend the time searching than even think of changing channels manually.

9) MUSCLE CARS - A muscle car defines you as above the ordinary in a sea of economy mileaged everyday transportation.

10) AN ENJOYABLE TOILET ENVIRONMENT- There's a reason the toilet is also known as man's throne. There are certain things in life that simply should not be rushed, so the best thing is creating a comfortable toilet environment, with magazines, books, newspapers, air fresheners, a telephone, a radio, a laptop, and stockpiles of toilet paper within reach.

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