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What the mayor of San Marino, CA calls an honest error has turned into one big mess. "It's embarrassing to me to make a mistake," San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier said.  "He does not give enough reason for why he had to pick up a bag of waste and deposit it on our side gate," neighbor Phillip Lao said. Mayor Kneier was caught on camera tossing a bag of dog poop on Lao's front yard. Lao's home surveillance video captured the dirty deed that Kneier says wasn't deliberate, just poor judgment after he tried removing the feces from a lamp post down their street.

"What I should have done is either when I saw that bag of what I assume was dog waste, you know what I mean, I didn't test it," Kneier said. "I should have either just left it there, but I'm not the kind of person that just leaves things sitting around."  To make amends, the mayor send a letter to Lao promising that it wouldn't happen again.

San Marino police are still investigating the incident, which could lead to citations, perhaps more if his irate neighbor has his way. 



1) LET YOUR DOG BARK AND ROAM FREE- Incessant barking is a classic annoyance endured by neighbors of dog owners. Nobody likes to be awakened and kept awake by the howling of a bored dog during the wee hours of the morning. Additionally, nobody likes to step in dog poop.

2) NEGLECT YOUR YARD- A neglected yard affects the appearance of your entire neighborhood. It’s a visual annoyance that some people just can’t overcome. So, if you don’t mow often, fail to edge, allow weeds to spread, don’t trim trees and bushes on a regular basis.

3) NEGLECT THE UPKEEP OF YOUR HOME- Was your roof last reshingled during the Reagan administration? Is the siding literally falling off of your house? Is your fence a tap away from collapsing? It’s time to either fork over the money for maintenance, or dust off the hammer and get to work.

4) COLLECT TACKY YARD ORNAMENTS- Nothing says trashy quite like a few tacky yard ornaments. If your yard is adorned with a pink flamingo, plastic deer or a tribe of gnomes, your taste will be called into to question.

5) LEAVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS UP ALL YEAR- Don’t be that house – each neighborhood has one. After the completion of the holiday season, you put off taking down your Christmas lights by a week or two. Soon weeks turn into months, and months turn into a year.

6) DO LOUD DIY PROJECTS AT ODD HOURS- Some people either keep odd hours or simply can’t be separated from their DIY projects. Resultantly, they’re up hammering, drilling and sawing when they’re neighbors are sleeping. Cutting the lawn early on a weekend or late on a weekday is equally annoying.

7) THROW NOISY PARTIES - Noisy parties are another common source of neighborhood noise pollution. Don’t relive your college years and throw rowdy shindigs at random times.

8) IF YOU HAVE A DOWNSTAIRS NEIGHBOR, WALK ON YOUR HEELS- There isn’t a better way to annoy your downstairs neighbors in an apartment complex than with your feet. If you dance or stomp frequently, they probably hate you.

9) FIGHT / ARGUE WITH YOUR OTHER HALF OFTEN- The nightly yelling matches with your significant other likely have your neighbors concerned and/or appalled.

10) SPY & GOSSIP- If you’re overly curious about the lives of your neighbors and purvey gossip related to them, it’s probable they’ve built up some resentment toward you.

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