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A Virginia man is furious after he was pulled over in Alexandria while driving in a funeral procession. He missed his great-grandmother's burial because of the delay, his family says. Now Alexandria police are reviewing the stop.

With their hazard and headlights on, Heather Spinner and her husband were driving to the Cemetery June 12 when they noticed red and blue flashing lights in the rear-view mirror. "My brother-in-law behind us was actually pulled over for running a red light," Spinner says. Both her husband and brother-in-law, R.G. Spinner, removed their yellow funeral procession tags from the rear-view mirrors and waved them out the window, hoping the officer would let them continue driving, she says. But after the fact, Alexandria police Sgt. Seth Weinstein told Spinner her brother-in-law's behavior escalated the consequences of the traffic stop. "We missed the burial. I mean my husband and brother-in-law were pallbearers ... By the time we got to the cemetery, it had already happened. So there's nothing we can do to get that back at this point," Spinner says.



1) DRIVING OVER THE SPEED LIMIT- Nothing will catch a police officer’s attention more than speeding, and more than that, excessive speeding.

2) ILLEGAL USE OF A PHONE- Many states currently have anti-texting laws in place, and rightly so. An officer can see you holding your phone or you looking into your lap for a long period of time and assume you are texting or simply fiddling with your phone. Remember, anti-texting laws don’t simply mean you are physically texting.

3) HAZARDOUS DRIVING- Peeling out at stop lights, swerving, and overall just erratic driving is a huge red flag for police officers. They can assume you are racing, drunk, under the influence of drugs, and any other number of things.

4) EQUIPMENT VIOLATIONS- There are numerous reasons for the laws we have in place for properly functioning vehicle equipment, and if any of those seem to be damaged or improperly working, a police officer will pull you over.

5) TAILGATING- The law of the road is for every 10mph you are traveling, you are to provide 1 car length, roughly 15 ft, between you and the vehicle in front of you. But if you do not follow this, and follow the vehicle in front of you too closely, you can be pulled over and ticketed. 

6) IMPROPER LANE CHANGES- 1. Never change lanes traveling through an intersection. 2. Never change lanes over solid colors road lines. 3. You need to provide 3 seconds of warning, meaning the use of your blinker, before switching lanes to allow other drivers to account for your vehicle moving over. If you go against any of those three points, an officer will notice immediately and pull you over.

7) DRIVING TOO SLOWLY It is also illegal to travel too slow on some roads, mainly the highway. If you’re in the left lane in a 65 mph area, and are only going 45 mph, you are putting other drivers at risk for driving too slowly 

8) USING THE LEFT LANE WITHOUT HAVING TO PASS- You shouldn’t continually use the left lane unless you are passing other vehicles. In fact, that is the only reason there left lanes, which are meant to be used in passing. If you are all alone on the road, and have been driving in the left lane for a while, albeit even going the speed limit, it gives police officers a reason to at least take note of you. 

9) FAILURE TO USE A SEATBELT- Click it or ticket! It takes 4 seconds to put your seatbelt on, which is better than brain damage or a $160 ticket.

10) QUESTIONABLE ACTIVITIES- If you are driving around, there could be many things going on in your car which to an outsider may look much different. Smoking a cigarette may look like a joint of marijuana, drinking a bottled soda may look like a beer.

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