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Once in while, the CNN Travel braintrust blows it -- make that all the time if you happen to be @cnnalwaysblowsit47. Such was the case last year when they published their updated list of the greatest travel songs ever recorded. Good thing defenders of never-faltering good taste and intellectual omniscience are around the make sure no misstep goes un-roasted. Below are the best travel songs our readers couldn't believe we missed the first time around -- frankly, neither can we.




1. "Life is a Highway" (Tom Cochrane, 1991)- No song has inspired as much as this rousing run through destinations from Mozambique to Memphis.

 2. "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66" (Nat King Cole, 1946)- the greatest travel song of all time: Nat King Cole's rendition of 'Route 66.' This isn't just my opinion as hundreds of millions of people all across the globe will agree.


3. "I've Been Everywhere" (Johnny Cash, 1996)- the Man in Black's 1996 version, produced by Rick Rubin, is the one most often heard today and the one most often cited by CNN readers. 

 "Radar Love" (Golden Earring, 1973)- road trips apparently aren't the same without this ESP booty call psalm from the driving Dutchmen of Golden Earring.

 5. "City of New Orleans" (Arlo Guthrie, 1972)- Only a handful of songs were more popular among readers than this ode to American train culture originally penned and recorded by folk troubadour Steve Goodman in 1971.

6. "Travelin' Man" (Ricky Nelson, 1961)-

It's true, of course, that there are at least five or 10 benighted music fans under the age of 35 don't know who Ricky Nelson is. Perhaps his high ranking here will help rectify the troubling musical vacuity of today's youth.

7. "Running on Empty" (Jackson Browne, 1977)- Drivers chimed in with an interesting if dubious claim:  I actually get better mileage from the bottom of my tank by humming that song!"

8. "Ramblin' Man" (The Allman Brothers Band, 1973)- We'll agree that any song that includes a line about being born in the back seat of Greyhound Bus, as well as one of the most memorable guitar solos in rock history  deserves a place on the list.

9. "Turn the Page" (Bob Seger, 1973)- Perhaps representing the roots rocker's mature and tolerant fan base, many lobbied for the inclusion of this world-weary tour bus ballad. 

10. "Me and Bobby McGee" (Janis Joplin, 1971)- With lines like "busted flat in Baton Rouge ... waiting for a train." it makes this one an undisputed travel masterpiece.



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