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AJ's Car of the Day 1968 "Mr. Norm" Dodge Dart GSS
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Car: "Mr Norm" Dodge Dart GSS

Year: 1968

What makes it special: Norm Kraus’s Grand-Spaulding Dodge of Chicago was already the place to buy a Dodge when owner Norm Kraus made a deal with Chrysler to build a run of 1967 Darts equipped with the 383 big-block. The Darts were a sales success, so for 1968 Kraus then requested a special run of 50 Dodge Darts with the 440 cu in 375-horsepower Magnum V8 engine.

What made it famous: Each '68 Dart was sent to Hurst-Campbell for conversion as Chrysler had done with the Hemi Darts. Each was serialized with an “M” code in the VIN, equipped with the 440 and an A727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission, and shipped to Grand Spaulding. When the issue of badging arose, Mr. Norm substituted the “T” in the cars’ “GTS” designation with another “S”, signifying the GSS (Grand Spaulding Special) model.

Why I would want one: Anyone who's seen or experienced a Dodge Dart 440 conversion knows that these are extremely badass. Mr. Norm's GSS adds a little more to the fun by having a low-production, "just a little more special" add to the mix. I like that they even went so far as to change the GTS badging to GSS to make it more personal to the dealer and region it was sold from.

Fun fact: Mr. Norm's Hurst-built 1968 GSS 440 Darts were individually converted by hand and are among the lowest-production Mopars ever built.

(1968 "Mr. Norm" Dodge Dart GSS photo from legendarymotorcar.com)


Driven by Precision Tune Auto Care & Vogue Performance Exhaust

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