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...a recent study was done regarding which were the worst cars to be produced. Here is the result:



1) Chevrolet Vega- Its sheet metal was so thin, and the rust-proof coating so spotty, that fenders would need to be replaced after only a winter or two on the salty streets of the Northeast. Not too mention the bright idea of having steel pistons working their way through aluminum blocks. 

2) The Yugo GV- 1985  began the import of these super-cheap cars from the Soviet satellite state of Yugoslavia. There wasn't a single part of these little tin-can cars that the American people could actually get behind, from the engine to the electrical system to the build quality -- unless you counted getting behind the entire car in order to push it to the side of the street after it inevitably died.

3) The Ford Pinto- Built for mileage, but was no speed demon by any means. Not too mention that whole"exploding gas tank" debacle that kinda rang the death knell for Ford's little economy car. 

4) The 1974 Ford Mustang II - The Mustang II shared the Pinto's notorious gas tank design. You know, the one that blew up when it was rear-ended. And thanks to the oil embargo of the 1970s, the Mustang II got a spindly little engine.

5)  2002 Ford Thunderbird- Seemed like such a good idea. The styling was gorgeous, and nostalgia for the 1955–57 two-seat Birds was at a fever pitch. Unfortunately, Ford went cheap engineering, grabbing most of the chassis pieces and many interior elements straight out of the lackluster Lincoln LS sedan’s parts bin. The result was an overweight, softly sprung roadster that looked great outside, was agonizingly boring inside, and was dreary to drive. And at about $40,000, it was stupidly expensive.

 6)  DeLorean DMC-12- The DMC-12's powered gullwing doors were, at best, leaky and, at worst, trapped the driver inside when the electrical system failed.

7) The Cadillac Cimarron- General Motors figured it would be a good idea to take a Chevy Cavalier, dress it in Cadillac drag and charge twice as much. 

8) 1958 The Edsel Ranger-Ford hyped Edsel's as if they had superpowers, but people caught on pretty quickly that these were the poor-man's Mercury. There were rumors that the cars were built and shipped to dealers with notes explaining that parts were missing, but the dealership could make the car whole in a few easy steps! 

9) The 1983 Renault Alliance-  Alliance combined the very worst aspects of French build quality and Wisconsin marketing savvy, with predictable sales results.

10) 1980 Chevrolet Citation- While staring down 60-month payment books, Citation owners were having trim bits fall off in their hands, hearing their transmissions groan and seize, and finding that if they listened closely enough they could hear their cars rust. At times it seemed the suspension in some X-cars wasn’t even bolted in correctly. 

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