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William Hung may have been rejected from American Idol, but he found someone who gave him the only "yes" he'll ever need. The former singer, whose season 3 audition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" made him one of the Internet's first viral stars, got married on June 17 in Alhambra, California, RumorFix reports. Hung, 31, is now an administrative assistant for the L.A. County Department of Public Health. In 2004, the then 20-year-old UC-Berkeley student sang what Simon Cowell believed to be a tone-deaf version of Martin's song."You can't sing, you can't dance, so what do you want me to say?" a stunned Cowell said after Hung's rendition."I already gave my best, and I have no regrets at all," he replied at the time.Despite Cowell's criticism, he went on to record three albums following his spirited audition, which boasted sales of 200K, 35K, and 7K units respectively.




1) YOKO ONO - She yells and screams in her songs quite hoarsely. She sounds like a badly drunk karaoke singer in pubs. 

2) WILLIAM HUNG- Was told on national TV that he couldn't sing, but that didn't stop him from recording three albums to make your ears bleed, or she bangs she bangs your head against the wall. 

3) MILEY CYRUS- She tries to sing like those in the likes of Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson, but she fails so badly. She cannot hit those high notes. She should stick with acting. 

4) REBECCA BLACK- She is still very plain and amateur. Managed to do the impossible...make everyone hate Fridays. Nice job. 

5) JUSTIN BEIBER-  He can't hit high notes. For someone to be as famous as him, he should be a terrific singer. When he sings, it's like he is forcing his way throughout his song. Now, as his voice is breaking, his voice is getting hoarse and dull.

6) TINY TIM- Never was a singer. Just a bad occasional act on TV shows like "Laugh-In" and the "The Tonight Show." Proof that we must've been high as hell to let him get that far. Just on this list to prove a point.

7) LOU REED- While we all can appreciate his influence in the rock world, let's face it. He talked songs instead of singing them. 

8) BRITNEY SPEARS- While fun to look at, we have to say that her voice is very bad. It's squeaky, quiet and cracky. She just doesn't sing loud enough. She is is even worse live.

9) KE$HA- Her voice is disgustingly horrible. She sounds like a robot. She is way too autotuned. Her live voice is inexcusable.

10) KATY PERRY- Her voice is very hoarse and breathy/raspy. When she is not raspy, she is fully on screaming.

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