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Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx have spent so much time hanging out with country artists for a Motley Crue tribute album that they know how to write the classic country song. "Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue," was released Tuesday, with Nashville's country crooners welcoming the teased-hair, leather-clad metal band whose rock anthems helped define the '80s. The standout performances sound very little like the electric guitar heavy originals, such as when LeAnn Rimes sings "Smokin' in the Boys Room" with a horn section or when The Mavericks bring their Cuban country beat to "Dr. Feelgood." Big & Rich, Darius Rucker, Gretchen Wilson and Justin Moore also appear on the album.




1) KICKSTART MY HEART ( DR. FEELGOOD-1989 ) -  The song was written after Nikki Sixx's heroin overdose that he lived to tell about.

2) WILD SIDE ( GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS - 1987 )- 'Wild Side' is one of the most in-your-face songs the band has written. The band is inviting the fans to take a step into their life, which has been dubbed the 'Wild Side.

3) HOME SWEET HOME ( THEATER OF PAIN- 1985 ) - 'Home Sweet Home' is a power ballad and the crown jewel of the album, reflecting on the rigors of touring and the relief of going home. 

4) DR. FEELGOOD ( DR. FEELGOOD - 1989 )- 'Dr. Feelgood' is a term the band used to describe one of their many drugs of choice: heroin.

5) SHOUT AT THE DEVIL ( SHOUT AT THE DEVIL- 1983 ) - The verse on this song is noted for the strange high notes Vince Neil hits and is always impressive live.

6) LIVE WIRE ( TOO FAST FOR LOVE - 1981 )- The album opener 'Live Wire' has been a live staple because of its bouncing high energy and ability to relate to the crowd a bit more than some of their other subject matter.

7) GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS ( GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS - 1987 ) - If there was one song title that truly defines Motley Crue, it's 'Girls, Girls, Girls.' By this point in their career, the boys were running wild across the globe, playing to hundreds of thousands of screaming fans, many being of the female persuasion. 

8) TOO YOUNG TO FALL IN LOVE ( SHOUT AT THE DEVIL - 1983 )- 'Too Young to Fall in Love' takes the flip side of their usual approach to the spoils of rock stardom. Rather than glamorizing how many women they bed, they take the bashful approach to love and realize its a sacred thing that could not be appreciated at their age.

9) PRIMAL SCREAM ( DECADE OF DECADENCE  1991 )- The 'Decade of Decadence' greatest hits compilation packaged the band's best to wrap up the era. An angle was needed to sell a package of songs people already owned, so a previously unreleased track called 'Primal Scream' became enough reason for fans to pick this up.

10) LOOKS THAT KILL ( SHOUT AT THE DEVIL- 1983 )- 'Looks That Kill' is a midtempo stomper that has been a fan favorite since 1983. 

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