AJ's Car of the Day 1967 Intermeccanica Omega

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Car: Intermeccanica Omega


What makes it special: They are super rare. Intermeccanica was a sports car manufacturer from Italy. Back in the 1960's they built a number of American-powered, Italian-designed sports cars. Their steel bodies were designed and built in Torino, Italy which were hammered by hand, and the cars were then assembled by Holman-Moody in North Carolina.

What made it famous: Introduced in 1966, the Omega was a two-door coupe that was equipped with a 289 K-Code Ford V8 that produced 271 horsepower, mated to a Top-Loader 4-speed manual transmission. They had a hand sewn leather interior, and only 33 examples were built for 1967.

Why I would want one: It's super cool, super rare, and definitely not very common. Plus, you get the best of both worlds: Sexy, Italian design with an easy to maintain Ford V8 drivetrain, leaving you more options for replacement parts here in the states, rather that having to ship from Italy. ( Not too mention expensive foreign specialty car mechanic hourly rates.)

Fun fact: When assembled by the famous Nascar stalwart Holman-Moody of North Carolina, the first Omega's were completed alongside 10 Altered-Wheelbase A/FX Mustangs intended for Drag Racing's Factory Experimental ( F/X ) class. It's impossible to gauge an average sale price on the Omega as few exist, and even fewer change owners.

( 1967 Intermeccanica Omega photo from californiaclassix.com )