Jessica Alba's likeness has been committed to at least four action figures at this point: the ‘Dark Angel’ doll, the ‘Fantastic Four’ figure, at least two ‘Sin City 2‘ mini-Albas — but that doesn’t mean that the actress keeps the little hers around the house. In fact, Alba keeps them where they belong. In storage. Away from her family. Considering how racy her latest doll is, that’s probably a good idea. Alba hit ‘Conan‘ to chat about the latest ‘Sin City’ feature — the long-titled ‘Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For,'and the host couldn’t resist asking about the latest Alba doll to make it shelves. As the actress plays a murderous stripper in the film, it’s not too shocking that this one isn’t for kids. It’s also just not really for Alba.




1) G.I. JOE- ( Hasbro )  Each Joe came with weapons and a description card. 

2) TRANSFORMERS-( Hasbro ) Transformers were very unique when they first came out for sale. Robots that can be turned into trucks, cars, weapons and aircraft.

3) STAR WARS ACTION FIGURES- ( Kenner ) The action figures are based on the original two Star Wars films. 

4) HE-MAN-( Mattel ) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe were very popular toys from the late 70's all the way through the 80's.

5) THUNDERCATS- ( LJN )  Thundercats did not last very long but they produced some good toys. They had 16 action figures and each one came with their own weapons.

6) BIG JIM- ( Mattel ) This rugged action figure was ready to tackle anything the great outdoors could throw his way.

7) BATMAN- ( Marx )  This popular action figure brings out the details of the superhero as indicated in the story with features, such as a strong hook and interchangeable hands.

8) WRESTLING SUPER STARS- ( LJN )  The original collection had 12 wrestlers and Hulk Hogan had the championship belt. Also, they were rubber and very easy to bend any which way you wanted them to.

9) STAR TREK-  ( Mego ) Star Trek came out with action figures based on the original show with Captain Kirk and Spock and also they produced toys based on the newer version of the hit television show.

10) EVEL KNIEVEL-( Ideal Toys )  This daredevil came as a bendable, poseable action figure and could be placed on all of his various stunt machines, from his red-white-and-blue Harley to the Skycycle.