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Monsters Ball Recap, Drunk Audio, Best Halloween Candy...
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On today's Chaz & AJ: what are you giving out for Halloween, audio and stories from the Chaz & AJ Monster's Ball, scary stories from a ghost hunter, and here's what else is going on:


6:00. The FBI is back into Hillary's stuff. Details in Chaz & AJ news

6:11. Sports. The dumb ass thing to NOT do after a touchdown. 

6:17. Chaz, AJ, Jennifer and Young Chaz went to Billy Joel on Friday night. We got audio


6:33-6:52. Halloween. Which town is handing out the best treats? Call in what you're handing out. We will evaluate. 877-764-2535

7:00. Recreational weed may become legal right next door. Details in Chaz & AJ news. 

7:11. Sports. 

7:17. Dumb Ass News: A man shop lifts for money to bail out wife in jail for...shoplifting. 


7:23-7:46. Fathead with drunk audio. And why he isn't in studio....


7:52. An AJ parody song


8:00-8:11. Sports dude Jason Page is in

8:17. Hot Brazilian girls, The most annoying man on the planet and other highlights from the Chaz and AJ Monsters Ball.


8:23. Pam strikes again during staple to the head trick. 


8:33. The most annoying man in the world.

8:39. The story of the guy who arrived drunk to the Chaz and AJ Monsters Ball.

8:46. A new Chaz & AJ Phone Prank. 



8:52. An AJ parody 


9:00. Chaz & AJ News


9:11. Sports. 

9:17. Dumb Ass News: Parents mad after an adult suits up for youth football game. 



9:23-9:39. Ghost guy Michael Carroll with New England Spiritual Team. The cool way he got the money to buy his ghost hunting vehicle. 

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