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John Belushi's Wife Tells Us How He Got Into Comedy
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On today's Chaz & AJ: John Belushi's wife Judith, a crazy voicemail you gotta hear, call in your OCD compulsion, what would we tell our 13 year old selves, and here's what else is going on today:


6:00. An employee gets busted for taking an upskirt pic at babies are us in Connecticut. Details in Chaz & AJ News

6:11. Sports. 


6:17.  A fart catches fire during surgery....hear our reenactment


6:23-6:46. How did you accidentally light yourself on fire? Call us: 877-762-2535

6:52. A Chaz and AJ Phone prank. 


7:00. Can Bono be more annoying?!


7:11. Sports. 


7:17. Dumb Ass News:  A driver gives a Norwalk cop the finger and challenges him to catch him. 



7:23. The most angry voicemail we've heard in a while and it was left on a cops cell phone. Deputy Chief Brian Foley with Hartford Police Department calls in to explain what's going on. 



8:00. Former Director of the FBI New York James Kallstrom. Will we get any more news on evidence before the election?



8:11. Sports. 


8:17-8:39. How does your OCD ruin your life? Call in for advice from the therapist Dennis McAllister. Call 877-764-2535


8:46. A brand new Chaz & AJ Phone Prank


8:52. Come to the Orange Ale House on Thursday 11/3 5p-8pm to help us raise funds for our co-worker's Jack's medical bills.

9:00. Send holidays cards to our troops! 13 year old Britney Szarmach from Stratford calls in with details on Holiday Cards for Heroes. 

Multiple drop off-points: Duchess Diner in Stratford, Burns Construction Co in Stratford, and at Britney’s school Flood Jr High in Stratford. 


9:11. Sports. 


9:17. In Dumb Ass News. Driver takes topless selfie then slams into cop car. 



9:23. John Belushi's widow, Judith, tells us about what John wanted to be before he found comedy and TV role he turned down. 

Check out the Official Blues Brothers Review on Saturday November 12th at the Ridgefield Playhouse.


9:46: Call in with your last thoughts: 877-764-2535

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