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Comedian Vic DiBitetto In Studio Today
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Us doing the signature Vic Dibitetto look

On today's Chaz & AJ: The Cubs win, the Bread & Milk guy is here, tortoises having sex and here's what else is going on today:



6:00. The Weiner is in. Details in Chaz & AJ News


6:11. Sports. The most important game 7 moments. 

6:17-6:46. How karma kicked this guy in the ass. Call in how karma kicked your ass, or the ass of someone who wronged you: 877-764-2535

6:52. John Belushi's widow Judith joins us. She's really open about John's death and talks about John's career hope before he found acting, and Animal House. Check out the Official Blues Brothers Revue at the Ridgefield Playhouse on November 12th. 

7:00.  Comedian Vic DiBitetto joins us in studio. See him live at the Bushnell Theatre in Hartford on December 2nd 

7:11. Sports. Tom Brady reacts to the possibility of being traded. 

7:17. Dumb Ass News: A chef dies eating his own food. 


7:23-7:46. Vic DiBitetto on being Italian. Call in your Italian traditions and stereotypes. 877-764-2535

8:00. Chaz & AJ News


8:11. Sports. 


8:17. AJ's foot is the most famous foot in Connecticut. Maybe all of the Northeast. I wish we could get a count of how many pictures of them have been posted to his Facebook and instagram. They are now part of the crew and have a life of their own. We need someone to be the voice of AJ's left foot.Call in if you'd like to try out for the part. 877-764-2535



8:46. A new Chaz & AJ Phone Prank. 



8:52. Join us at the Orange Ale House tonight from 5-8pm to help raise funds for our co-workers Jack to help pay his medical bills. 

9:00. Chaz & AJ News


9:11. Sports.


9:17. Dumb Ass News: A man has Sex with a van. 


9:23. How did Karma bite you or someone that wronged you in the ass? Call 877-764-2535

9:39. An AJ parody song


9:46. Call in to be part of the close: 877-764-2535

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