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Comedian Jamie Kennedy In Studio
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Jamie Kennedy in studio with Chaz & AJ

On today's Chaz & AJ: Comedian Jamie Kennedy, we hired some sexy models to clean the studio, Loser of the Week, and here's what else is goin on today:


6:00. A teacher punches a second grader. Details in Chaz & AJ News

6:11. Sports. How Harry Carey got to call game 7. 

6:17. How did this guy sneak into the World Series??! Call in what you were able to sneak into: 877-764-2535


6:52. An AJ Parody Song

7:00. Is Dr Strange the best super hero movie ever? King of the Nerds Mitch Hallock with Terriricon is in with his review. 

7:11. Sports. 


7:17. Dumb Ass News: A man gets arrested while driving to jail. 


7:23. The most famous foot in Connecticut needs a voice. Is it you? AJ's feet are the most famous in Connecticut. Maybe the North East. He posts pictures of them constantly on his social media. We feel like they are family. The left foot will be a regular on the show and needs a voice. Call in and try out for the part of AJ's voice.  Call 877-764-2535.

7:33. Our studios are very messy. So, we've hired Ashlynn and Melissa with My Models Maids out of Bristol to clean them up, while wearing sexy costumes. 

7:39. Scot Haney with Channel 3 WFSB

8:00.  Comedian Jamie Kennedy in studio. See him tonight and tomorrow night at Comix Comedy Mohegan Sun

Thank you to Joshua's Limousine for the transportation

Thank you Joey C's Boathouse in Stratford and Joey C's Roadhouse in Milford for the chicken wings! 


8:11. Sports. 


8:17-8:39. Call in your vote for Loser of the Week. 877-764-2535



8:46. A new Chaz & AJ Phone Prank. 


9:00. Chaz & AJ News



9:11. Sports. 


9:17. Dumb Ass News:  Why a woman attacked her husband with a frozen burrito.   


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