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Trump Won...How You Feeling About That??
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On today's Chaz & AJ: Call in with your thoughts on the election results, audio from last night, what does the therapist think of the Jason Page blowout, and here's what else is goin on:


5:30/5:46: AJ's Top 10 Reasons Why You're A Loser. Call in: 877-764-2535

6:00. Election results. What do you think? Call in: 877-764-2535

6:11. Sports. Gronk speaks German?

6:17-6:23. The election is over. How do you feel? Call in: 877-764-2535


6:33.  Amazing montage of Trump saying China...


6:52. A Chaz and AJ Phone prank. 


7:00. Quinnipiac Professor of Political Science Scott McClean with his thoughts 

7:11. Sports. 

7:17. Dumb Ass News: The Watermelon incident not related to whoopie-pie occurence.....???


 7:23. Former CIA and 1st Selectman of Stonington: Rob Simmons calls in with thoughts on the election


7:33. AJ goes nuts....he is very happy about Trump


8:00. Election results ...call in your thoughts: 877-764-2535


8:11. Sports.


8:17-8:39. Sports dude Jason Page is still pissed at us for ruining his Gold Star Monday. We recap why he's mad for therapist Dr. Patty Ann

8:23. An hour from now in dumb ass news. Teen busted for stealing a hundred and sixty thousand dollars in cheese. 


8:46. A brand new Chaz & AJ Phone Prank


9:00. Some folks worst nightmare is music to others ears. Clips from stupid speeches. 


9:11. Sports. 

9:17. Dumb Ass News:  Teen busted for stealing a $160K in cheese. 


9:23-9:39. Future leaders of America sound off on our president elect....while drunk


9:46-9:52. Call in with your last thoughts: 877-764-2535

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