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NBC CT's Kerri-Lee Mayland In Studio!
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NBC CT's Kerri-Lee Mayland with Brad Drazen at their 2015 Chaz & AJ Appearance

On today's Chaz & AJ: NBC 30 News Anchor Kerri-Lee Mayland is no longer Canadian, The Wussification of America, crazy Canadian border stories and here's what else is goin on:


6:00. Hillary's thank you and college students react to Trump's win. 

6:11. Sports. 

6:17-6:52. With everyone saying they're moving tp Canada...we want to hear you crazy Canadian border stories. Young Chaz and Pam have one. 


7:00. More proof of the Wussafication of America. The story is right out of New Haven. More details in Chaz & AJ News.

7:11. Sports. 

7:17. In Dumb Ass News: A half naked man calls 911 to ask about octopus legs and Russian alphabet. 

7:23. Chaz and AJ senior weed correspondent Blazin Jay on how the Massachusetts vote will change your life. 

7:39. What does Producer Phil's Grandpa Richie think of Trump's win?

7:46. We check in with Ansonia Mayor David Cassetti.

8:00. Chaz & AJ News.


8:11. Sports. 

8:17-8:39.  Kerri Lee Mayland NBC CT. She has a lot of stories to tell...her first time voting, when she failed at trying to impress a boy, and who accidentally saw you naked. 

8:46. A brand new Phone Prank. 


9:00. Chaz & AJ News



9:11. Sports. 

9:17. In Dumb Ass News: a man caught boinking a goat says he was rejected by a woman at a funeral 


9:23-9:39. AJ rants about Girl Scout Cookies at the voting locations. 

9:46/9:52. Call in with your last thoughts: 877-764-2535

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