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AJ's Top 10: Annoying Things Wives Ask Their Husbands To Do
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A court has granted a woman permission to divorce her husband after he consistently refused to build a toilet in their home, forcing her to relieve herself in the open. Family court ruled on August 18th that a toilet was a necessity in every home and defecating in the open was ‘disgraceful’ for society and ‘torture’ for women.



1) Spend Time With Them: You see them when you wake up, when you go to bed, eating dinner. You mean that's NOT spending time with them?


2) Chores /Fix / Install Things Around The House: Forget having a relaxing day watching sports or drinking beer after a long work week. She wants stuff repaired. Or cleaned. What?


3) Hold Their Purse While They Try Something On: The fitting room is big enough for you and your purse. Why emasculate your man by having him hold your purse while you stuff yourself into an outfit you'll hate?


4) Take Them Shopping: This includes food, shoe, and all wardrobe shopping. Men hate this. Don't ask us to accompany you.


5) Spend Quality Family Time: Sure. Us sitting there in silence while the kid's faces are buried in their phones. That's quality.


6) Visit With In-Laws: It's bad enough they invade en masse around holidays and births. Now, we have to visit?


7) Put The Toilet Seat Down: They want equality. How about YOU lift the seat UP ?


8) See A Love-Story/Chick Flick: Simple rule: If there are no car chases, high body-counts or boobs, we're not interested.


9) Talk Over Any Purchases: Forget just coming home with that new car, motorcycle or sports memorabilia. She wants you to run all purchases past her. But her coming home with new shoes or clothing? Not an issue.


10) Listen To Them About How Their Day Went: We didn't ask. You don't tell. Works for us. 

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