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What's Your Random Problem, Comedian John Romanoff, Loser of the Week
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Comedian John Romanoff

Here's what's happening on today's Chaz & AJ: Comedian John Romanoff in studio, vote for Loser of the Week, we'll try to solve your random problem, and here's what else is happening today:


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6:00. Chaz and AJ News. The sound of a man who doesn't sound like he represents the best interests of the people of Connecticut. 


6:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. The cyclist and his poor penis. 


6:20-6:50. Call in your random problem and we will solve it. Chaz and AJ problem solvers. 


7:00. Chaz and AJ News. PLUS: Commedian John Romanaff joins us in studio!


7:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. 


7:20. Dumb Ass News. A drunk tells his buddies what he would do to Isis. 


7:30. What will the weather be like this weekend. Does Scot Haney know?


7:40. What did Pam's doctor, Dr. Omar Ibrahimi see when he spread open the cheeks of death at her skin cancer check?


7:50. Share your embarrassing doctor's office moment. 


8:00. Chaz and AJ News


8:13. Chaz and AJ Sports.


8:20-8:50: Loser of the Week. Call, facebook, or tweet in your vote. 


9:00. Chaz and AJ News. How does your commute time compare to those in Fairfield County. 


9:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. Crazy cat girl. 


9:20. Dumb Ass News. 


9:30/9:40.  How you found out the other half was cheating. Call in your story to win Roger Waters tickets.


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