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Dave Attell In Studio!!
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Dave Attell with Chaz & AJ today

On today's Chaz & AJ: comedian Dave Attell in studio at 7am, vote for Loser of the Week at 8:20, win $200, and here's what else is happening today:


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6:00. Chaz and AJ News. The Connecticut budget battle continues and we announce the details of the Chaz and AJ Monsters Ball. 


6:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. Roger Goodell's insane new salary. 


6:20-6:50. Chaz recently CPR certified so call in your CPR story


7:00. Chaz and AJ News. Plus: Dave Attell joins us live in studio. See him TONIGHT at Foxwoods!! 


7:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. 


7:20. Dumb Ass News. Sexual deviant week continues. A man's emergency room trip proves why you should never stick a bottle in your anus.


7:30. Channel 3 WFSB's Scot Haney with weekend weather. 


7:40 & 7:50. More with comedian Dave Attell. 


8:00. Chaz and AJ News. A researcher says that tomorrow the world will end. 


8:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. 


8:20-8:50. Loser of the Week. Call with your vote. 


9:00. Chaz and AJ News. 


9:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. 


9:20. Dumb Ass News. Sexual deviant week continues. We will read all of the headlines that weren't read this week. 


9:30-9:50. Douchey or smart?A couple asks guests to pay for wedding. 


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