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Donate To Our GoFundMe Page To Save The State!
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We decided to take matters into our own hands, since Connecticut's Government apparently can't. Click here to donate to our GoFundMePage. 

If you live in Connecticut, then you already know: The government has really screwed this place up. Talk to any business owner, tax payer or really, just anyone who is not employed at the Governor's office, and you'll hear seven years' worth of frustration. Everyone keeps saying the same thing: SOMETHING needs to be done!

We have decided to start the process and ask for your help. 

We're all tired of watching our tax dollars get thrown away. So donate here, where the government can't touch it, and we'll use it to make a positive difference in the state. Every dollar you put here, will fix _____ in Connecticut. 

Feel free to make a suggestion as to what your donation should be spent on.

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