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This Guy Is Mad About Out Gov's Mansion Protest & The Monster's Ball Brawl
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From 2016 Chaz & AJ Monster's Ball

During Chaz and AJ News, Chaz read an email from a listener which sparked a rant about Yale football players kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem.



Paranormal Investigator Mark DiGrazio was in studio with Chaz and AJ for Freak Week, sharing some of his favorite ghost audio.


Rich called Chaz and AJ this morning to complain about the bit with Stoshball and On Tour Kenny chanting in front of the Governor's Mansion.


Phil's Halloween Costume Controversy

Chaz and AJ's Monster Ball is Saturday, and Phil's costume selection started a huge fight on the air, when Pam had a problem with the authenticity of his costume.


#DumbAssNews - Every Reporter's Dream Eye Witness

 This guy was on the scene of a major accident, and proved to be easy work for the TV reporter sent to cover the story. Chaz and AJ played the interview in Dumb Ass News. 

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