Let's Find This Connecticut Man A Kidney!

Donna came on the show this morning to tell us how her husband Ron's condition and how a kidney donation will save his life, and how their rescue pup is helping. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to donate a kidney contact Kari Rancourt, Living Donor Transplant Coordinator at Hartford Hospital, at kari.horton@hhchealth.org or 860-972-9918.

From Fox 61:

Ron Mucha and his wife, Donna, have come up with a unique way to grab attention for an organ donation with the help of the Kidney Champion program at Hartford Hospital.

The idea is to enlist a Living Donor Champion to help spread the story of a loved one in need of a living kidney donor. Their rescue dog, Skip, is now trying to rescue Ron.

On a Facebook Page, “Dixie Dog Kidney Search,” Skip is sniffing out a live kidney donor for his owner.

“He hit the lottery when we rescued him, Ron hit the lottery with the heart and Skip is trying to get him a ticket for a kidney,” Donna said.

The couple is also hoping to raise awareness to the importance of becoming an organ donor.