Comedian Jamie Kennedy, Dave Reilly In AJ, Loser of the Week

On today's Chaz & AJ: An update on AJ's health, Dave Reilly filling in while he's out, comedian Jamie Kennedy in studio, vote for Loser of the Week, and here's what else is happening today:


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6:00. Chaz and AJ News. Another celebrity has a problem. A big problem. Huge. 

6:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. Who wants to see Aaron Hernandez' brain?

6:20 - 6:50. An update on AJ



7:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. Man does Alex Trebek hate the San Francisco Giants. 

7:20. Dumb Ass News. Sweet Melinda Brown knows how to run Detroit. 

7:30. Channel 3 WFSB's Scot Haney and Chris from Wallingford audio. 

7:40 - 7:50. Veterans Week. Call in to help Veteran Jay. 


8:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. 

8:20 - 8:50. Call in your vote for Loser of the Week. 

9:00. Chaz and AJ News. 



9:13. Chaz and AJ Sports.  

9:20. Dumb Ass News. Why are men calling the gynecologist. 

9:40. AJ parody.