It’s no secret how much everyone loves Thanksgiving, but with every big holiday comes a big risk for disaster. It's always a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for things that could go wrong.




1) The Turkey is overcooked/ undercooked: You didn't pay attention to cooking instructions or felt it needed to cook just a little more, and now that sucker is burnt to a crisp, or dry like the desert. Flip side? Undercooked food means everyone gets food poisoning. Ouch. 

2) Something catches fire: First of all, fire is scary. Second, fire is dangerous. Third, fire ruins food and mood. Make sure you don't leave that pie in the oven to the point of flames, or make sure that centerpiece candle doesn't go awry. 


3) Fight between family, friends: It could be due to politics, or an unsettled score. When the booze starts flowing, lips start flapping, noses get broken. Keep it happy kids.


4) You get stuck at the Children's table: Not enough seating means you get to sit with the kids, which is far from the relaxing dinner you envisioned.


5) Work emergency: If you are in the medical field, a technician, emergency services you know this all too well. Something is amuck, and you have to report to work. Stat.


6) Pets got into the food: Left the Turkey unattended with the dog nearby? The cat decided to have it's way with the dinner table? Yep. Might be a good idea to keep them sequestered for the duration of Thanksgiving dinner. Reward them with some leftover after company leaves.


7) Drunks: May seem funny that your uncle got a little tipsy, but when he becomes a stumbling, obnoxious ass, things can become a nightmare.


8) Uninvited guests: You don't mind if we bring someone at the last minute? Or several people, do you? Now you need extra seats, do I have enough food? Yeah. Don't mind at all. No.


9) Injury/ Medical emergency: That "Pre-dinner scrimmage," taking the turkey out without proper mitts,  food allergies, or the ever popular "I've always wanted to carve the turkey" can result in eating turkey sandwiches while waiting in the E.R. Happy Thanksgiving...fill out this form, please. 


10) Travel problems: Sudden storms can happen in November, resulting in delayed or cancelled flights, bad road conditions, or traffic that last forever. All part of the fun of gathering with loved ones for the holiday. Cheers !