The Top 10 Things AJ Missed About Us

AJ is back in studio! To welcome him back, we are letting hit sit back while we do the Top 10 list for him, about him. Here's what we think he missed most about us:


1. Being called out on his flubbles. 


2. Chaz busting his nuts about his choice of footwear. 


3. Phil’s fact-checking. 


4. Pam’s annoying cackle. 


5. Wayne’s stupid guesses 


6. The Rats of Instagram. 


7. When we bring up his interest in feet. 


8. When we ask him to explain his jokes. 


9. Beefman eating up time during the Top 10 since he works hard putting together the list.


10. Spich getting the answers from her mom whispering loudly in the background.