You Tell Us What Stoshball Should Do At The Toy Drive

Here's what's happening on today's Chaz & AJ: holiday tips for dog owners, we need your help coming up with an idea for Stoshball, and here's what else is happening today:


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6:00. Chaz and AJ News. AJ's bell ringer dream has come true. 


6:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. Angry Tom Brady goes bananas during a game. 


6:20 - 6:50. Your potty emergency story


6:50. Funny audio Chaz grabbed from the Sandy Hook event yesterday


7:00. Chaz and AJ News. A customer makes his own food after he finds the Waffle House cook sleeping. 


7:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. Eli is reuniting with Tom Coughlin and how his teammates plan to show their support for him. 


7:20. Dumb Ass News. A TV news eyewitness interview that has many sound bite potential. 


7:30 - 7:50. What song should Stoshball sing at the Chaz and AJ McDermott Chevrolet and Lexus Toy Drive? Call in!


8:00. Chaz and AJ News. 


8:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. 


8:20 - 8:50. How to keep your dog safe during the holiday season. Michelle Douglas with The Refined Canine in studio.


9:00. Chaz and AJ News. 


9:13. Chaz and AJ Sports. 


9:20. Dumb Ass News.  A couple crash their car while having sex. But who was in the back seat. 


9:30. Sharon from The Valley Foundation calls in.


9:50. Call in with your 4-second final thought.