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February Girl of the Web
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      • I love the Red Sox and have the 1946 logo tattooed on me in honor of my mom, my best friend. Its her birth year and we go to Sox games together.
      • I have a pitbull named “Freedom” that I found abandoned at The United Ride, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.. thus the name Freedom. (Operation Enduring Freedom)
      • I am a fill in morning radio host in New Hampshire.
      • In 2013, I hosted the largest independently run bike night in CT! (Cadillac Ranch, 700 motorcycles)
      • I have had my pistol permit for 6 years, and like to go target shooting.
      • I was raised on Frank Sinatra’s music, courtesy of my grandmother, and I have always been a huge Sinatra fan. I cried when he died.
      • I have almost every album Metallica ever made on vinyl. Huge fan.
      • I started a charity calendar 4 years ago and have donated every penny I raised to charities in CT.
      • I have 2 big dreams that I plan to accomplish: To start my own charity to help veterans in emergency need in CT. And to rescue as many animals in need as I can. And who knows, maybe merge the two and pair up rescue animals with vets in need. To be continued..
      • I have performed on stage at the Bushnell Theater in Hartford for 3 different Operas, as a dancer. One of the best moments of my life.
      • I was a model in a lingerie photo shoot in the middle of Grand Central Terminal, NYC, which was shot at 1230am. I was also a model in a shoot in the middle of Times Square, 2 years later. Both pics became covers of calendars.
      • I have 2 Victorola record players in my house.  They both work!
      • I love classic films and musicals.
      • I have two favorite books. The Great Gatsby and The Art of Racing in the Rain.
      • I am a proud American. I have the word “Freedom”, along with an American flag and 3 stars tattooed on my tummy.
      • I love to bake. Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, breads, you name it, I’ll bake it
      • Dancing is my biggest passion. I wish I did it for a living.
      • I walked onto the field at Fenway Park from the door in the outfield, across to the pitchers mound, as a stand in for a pitcher, during the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park rehearsal. Amazing experience.
      • I worked as a local roadie for U2 and Tim McGraw, loading all the equipment in and out, and setting up the stage.
      • I love rat rods, and plan to build a rat rod truck soon.
      • I was born in the wrong era.. love the 1940s.
      • My hair is almost always partially pink. I originally did it to support those with breast cancer and made it permanent.
      • I am Sicilian. My family is originally from Mellili, Sicily.
      • I have a boy bunny who lives in my bathroom and uses a litter box. He only responds when I call him “bunny rabbit”. I have 2 other bunnies as well. ( his daughters) And a male Italian Greyhound named Lewis. (14 years old)
      • My favorite places in the world are Newport, RI and Fenway Park.
      • I have a very eclectic style. I mix rock and roll, punk, and country. So its normal to see me covered in skull jewelry, wearing a pretty dress, fishnets and cowboy boots. I like being unique.
      • I have musical notes tattooed on the top of my foot and a G Clef tattooed on my leg, all connected together. For my love of music and dancing.
      • I love the beach year round. Its peaceful in the off season. And fun in the sun.
      • I have an addiction to frozen yogurt. I eat a ton of it. Favorite food is PIZZA! 
      • I love boxing and MMA. I have trained in Kenpo and  Muay Thai. I run and I lift weights regularly (thankfully, because I love to eat)
      • I have gold stars in the middle of my green eyes. Never knew it till an eye dr told me when I went to get a piece of glass taken out of my eye. Now I’m “the girl with stars in her eyes” J
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