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      • I'm Irish...I love drinking but not a beer fan. Honey whiskey is my favorite.
      • I'm a Pisces who hates the water, you won't catch me at the beach.
      • I'm a Halloween fanatic ... everything Horror and Halloween related.
      • I'm an artist in my off hours...I paint.
      • 95% of my modeling is nude or body paint pieces. I love visual art and making someone's creation come to life.
      • My brother Brian gave me the nickname pumpkin...cause I had a pumpkin shaped head when I was a kid.
      • I drink nothing but Coca Cola...Michelle (Miss May) yells at me all the time over it.
      • I'm one of 8 kids. I'm in the middle.. 4 brothers and 3 sisters.
      • I hate chick flicks and Valentine's Day...it's pointless.
      • My favorite movie is Nosferatu.
      • Some day I'll go to Ireland and England..Some day.
      • I'm featured in an indie film as a princess called "The Temple" set to be released late 2014.
      • I've been to the Playboy mansion.
      • I'm the girl who plays in the rain and doesn't care about getting her hair wet or ruining her makeup.
      • I have 2 yorkies.. Bink and Midnight.
      • This is my 4th year as Miss October.
      • I make custom costumes every year for Halloween.
      • I'm a very strange child...I always liked snakes...spiders...ghosts...lol.
      • I want to jump out of airplane one day...for fun...not because I I have too...Who's with me?
      • I love motorcycles...you can always catch me at all the shows...if I wake up to the sound of a motorcycle it's a good day.
      • Being sarcastic is apart of my charm.
      • I have freckles.
      • I've been modeling since I was 17.
      • Rob Zombie, Marlin Manson, Morrison, Volbeat are just a few on my playlist... I hate pop and rap.
      • I believe in another life I was a witch, I felt way to at home when I go to Salem.
      • I saved a life 5 times...I'm quick on my toes in scary situations.
      • I want a pumpkin patch in my back yard.
      • I'm a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare.
      • I love the Medieval Era.
      • I can't cook I've set 7 kitchens on fire...by accident of course...Thank god I'm from a family of fireman and sh medical.
      • I've been told my laugh is my best feature :)

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