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September Girl of the Web
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      • I was vegetarian for 10 years
      • I used to be extremely into ghost hunting and the paranormal
      • I worked at Disney World for 6 months and have 4 Disney Tattoos
      • I love Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie
      • My favorite foods are seafood and Italian
      • I'm obsessed with horror movies
      • I've been modeling and doing make-up since I was 18!
      • I go to Gateway Community college to study nutrition
      • I once was a boot camp drill instructor
      • I find family guy and south park funnier than a normal person should
      • When I'm by myself in my car I love dancing and pretending I could rap
      • I'm way too good at shots of Fireball
      • I absolutely hate the cold and want to move back down south!
      • I'm Italian and German, Half and half!
      • I haven't grown an inch since I was 12-- I'm so short!
      • One of my favorite places to be is the beach.
      • I am determined to teach myself to play guitar soon.
      • My goal is to one day have a health and beauty studio, evaluating diets and doing make-up!
      • I've been a certified make-up artist since 2010!
      • I love animals, the zoo or aquarium are my perfect places for a date!
      • I love cheese and wine it's my favorite combo.
      • I often am found yelling at my TV while watching Law and Order SVU
      • I've been a PLR fan for ages!!
      • I used to own Darren's Dance Grooves and try and teach myself Britney Spears dance routines. I didn't succeed.
      • I hate onions
      • My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster
      • I am deathly afraid of masks.
      • I used to play with ouijia boards a lot.
      • I used to have a laminated list of "haunted" places in my car and would go to one per night for like 3 summers.
      • I'm obsessed with Mila Kunis and want to marry her.
      • I once had my collarbones, back of my neck, lower back, hips, and lips pierced.

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