April Girl of the Web





  • I prefer sweat pants and a beater everyday
  • I am Italian and Polish
  • I love everything country! I will end up moving somewhere down south. The weather is warmer and the scenery is beautiful
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles! I grew up watching  them with my dad and older brother
  • I currently work with adults with disabilities as a rehabilitation counselor
  • I love summer, the beach and being tan
  • I have a Great Dane and a cat. They are my obsession and I spoil them
  • Volleyball is my passion. I love playing it indoor and out in the sand on the beach. I have swam, played basketball, softball, soccer, gymnastics and powder-puff girls football
  • I am addicted to the gym and eating healthy
  • I am tallest in my family. I have an older brother and a younger sister -both shorter than me.
  • I can eat Nutella straight from the jar
  • I only drink iced coffee
  • My favorite vacation was in Lake George, NY
  • Modeling has been something I have done for years. I can now say I am an international bikini model. I have been to the Bahamas and up the coast to shoot on beautiful beaches
  • I enjoy fishing with my family. My mom takes me salt water fishing and my dad takes me fresh water fishing. I can put the bait on the hook but refuse to take the fish off the hook. I feel bad if I hurt the poor fishes
  • My dad brought me up to be a tom boy. I could probably throw a football better than most men
  • I can eat boxes of fruit snacks and gushers in one sitting
  • The Walking Dead is my favorite show. Although, I do enjoy watching cops and The first 48. I also like watching shark week.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday food, family, football – what could be better?
  • I keep sentimental cards from those I care about
  • I have a scary obsession with Chap Stick. I have over 15 flavors and brands
  • I graduated from SCSU with a B.A. in Psychology and concentration in Mental Health
  • I love frozen yogurt
  • I wish I could invent a portable “poof” machine so I could travel anywhere at anytime
  • Some people will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. I am very grateful for my life and those apart of it still. Sometimes I dwell on the past or plan for the future but I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy what is going on right now.
  • I hate shopping. I don’t have patience for it and get annoyed with trying on clothes
  • My socks never match. I accepted that the dryer steals them and I give up looking for the lost ones that disappear in my bed
  • My dream job is to run a modeling agency and help those inspiring models and make their dreams come true.
  • I enjoy relaxing in a bubble bath with wine. Nothing is better than that!
  • I do not have any tattoos. I am frightened by needles and refuse to sit through that fear.
  • If I could rewind the clock and go back in time, I would go back to the elementary aged days. After school naps were the best thing ever, I didn’t have to work; Nintendo with my brother would last for hours until our parents yelled at us. Our summers consisted of wiffle ball games, camping and pool parties. The fall was always a contest who could build the tallest pile of leaves and now I can understand why my parents pile would always be smaller than us kids- because we would be doing work but would only view it as fun. The cold winter days never bothered me because I would be in a big igloo that my father built then go inside for hot chocolate and Home Alone. The spring days would be getting ready for softball with my mom and sister and practicing outside for hours. Those were the good old days- most people wouldn’t understand or think of it as dumb that I wrote this as a fact about me. But I wrote them because to me they were the best days of my life.