January Girl of the Web





  • My birthday is the first of the year. 
  • My childhood bedroom was plastered with Backstreet Boys posters.
  • I once hit a cow with my car.
  • The best live performance I ever saw was Guns N Roses at Webster Hall in NYC.
  • I graduated high school with 68 kids.
  • Incorrect spelling drives me absolutely insane.
  • I'll drink pickle juice right from the jar.
  • I don't care how unattractive you might be...If you have a guitar in your hand I'd marry you.
  • If I could do nothing but travel for the rest of my life I'd be ok with that.
  • I drove a red Chevy Camero that my dad bought me for graduation around my town like I was the hottest thing on the planet.  
  • I started a dance team my senior year of high school and it still lives on to this day.
  • I bought a standard car when I was 19 without knowing how to drive it.
  • My best friend on the planet and I have nothing in common but my world would not be right without her.
  • I have a role in the movie "Sensory Perception".
  • I kick ass at mud volleyball.
  • My puppies are my world. If they were the only children I ever had I'd still die happy.
  • Family is my cure for all that ails me.
  • I'm a Boston Red Sox fan and a NY Giants fan...No I'm not confused. 
  • I can party like a rock star and still ace an exam the next day. 
  • My hang over cure is Advil, water, and a slim Jim. 
  • The only thing better than the radio is seeing it live.
  • As much as I like to go out I'm completely content with sitting at home by a fire with good company. 
  • Coffee is my drug of choice.
  • Laughing is my favorite thing to do. 
  • There's nothing as good as the sun and the sand, boats and jet-skis.
  • My parents put an alarm on my front door so I couldn't sneak in past 10 until I moved out at 18. 
  • If I could do one thing in the world I'd be a country singer. 
  • My biggest girl crush is Jessica Alba. I'd marry her. 
  • My biggest man crush was Jacoby Ellsbury. Now that he's a Yankee it's Charlie Hunnam. 
  • I'm a firm believer in the fact that you only get one life....live it up and don't let judgements effect your decisions.