June Girl of the Web





  • I'm only 5'1&1/2'' short but adorable only weigh 113 pounds and have DD boobs!
  • I AM A GAMER! I love playing video games! 
  • I'm an Otaku witch means I'm an anime nerd. Yes I've dressed up like a character and have been to Anime Boston!
  • I'm an animal lover, I can be in the worst of moods, show me a puppy and I melt.
  • I love to crack jokes and see people laugh. 
  • I have NO filter I'm an open book about everything this makes me easy to talk to.
  • I have very large range in my music taste. from Enya and Keith Urban to Slipknot or Skrillex.
  • I love to go swimming. I can open my eyes underwater but I can't swim without holding my nose haha
  • I don't ever use twitter, But you can find me on Instagram taking selfies all day long
  • I love sexy cars! The second I see one I have a saying "I'd lick that from its tail pipe to its head light" call me strange but really some cars need that kind of attention! 
  • I always wish I could fly. Since I was a little girl I've always wanted wings or had dreams of floating. 
  • You may find this strange but I have never liked eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • I'm loud, it comes with being Italian. I'm never the person you don't notice in the room. 
  • I suck at spelling! Nothing helps thank god for spellcheck. 
  • I'm an artist. I'm into drawing, painting, sculpting and making silly things out of anything I can find. I'm very creative.
  • I had my first real kiss at the age of 14 years old... and I hated it.
  • I'm scared out of my mind of ghost and spirits. I will cry like a little girl if I see paranormal activity. 
  • I have a case of road rage near the holidays. 
  • When I got called to be a web girl I was so excited I had a slight case of shock.
  • Ah yes Mrs. May and I have shared a few kisses. 
  • I'm a Giants fan! Though I'd never tell my family this for they are all Jets fans. If they were to find out I may just be disowned. 
  • Strange fact about me would be that from watching so much anime that I've started to learn the Japanese language.
  • I'm definitely not a morning person. I love sleep to much, I can sleep over 10 hours. 
  • I resemble a Final Fantasy Character names Tifa lockhart. 
  • If I could make up a job and do anything I'd be a "kiss tester". I'd gladly kiss Chris Hemsworth or Josh Hutcherson you wouldn't even need to pay me. 
  • Random fact I only have 21 teeth. I've had over 20 teeth removed since I was a child and have been cursed with braces and head gear. 
  • At the moment I'm a CNA but Ill be attending Gateway Community Collage for Nursing.
  • I have a weakness for Sushi X were you have all you can eat sushi!!
  • Even though I'm italian I can't speak more then maybe 4 words of the language. 
  • Before I get tied down I want to travel the world and see different cultures and costumes. Also to see the sights.
  • It makes no sense why I won't buy other peoples art to put on my wall. It has to be my own or I don't want it. Even if theirs is better than anything I could ever do. I'm stupid stubborn. 
  • I love to blast music in my car. I like to feel the music and drive.