July Girl of the Web





  • Best vacation- Las Vegas
  • Birthday- September 18 1990
  • Favorite color- green
  • Favorite movie- grease
  • Favorite sports team- new york Yankees
  • Lucky number- 15
  • Favorite concert I went too- kiss concert
  • Favorite actress- mila kuniz
  • Favorite actor- Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Dream job- actress
  • Would love to live in- Manhattan
  • Favorite food- steak
  • Favorite holiday- 4th of July
  • Favorite thing to do- go to the beach
  • Favorite animal- giraffe
  • I love- thunderstorms
  • Born in- new haven ct
  • Favorite ice cream- chunky monkey
  • I believe in soul mates
  • I'll take a shot of- fireball whiskey
  • I am a competitive person
  • Addicted too- shopping
  • Favorite comedian- kevin hart
  • Greatest strength- self motivation
  • Greatest weakness- brutally honest
  • Pet peeve- when things are messy
  • I am a perfectionist
  • I am a night person and I hate mornings
  • I am a hopeless romantic
  • Favorite store to shop in- express
  • I love guys with tattoos