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Bat In The Belfry
Superman to battle The Dark Knight in sequel. What?
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Hollywood seems to be caught in a catch 22. Every movie is either'based on true events' or is a reboot of a franchise. The superhero genre is certainly guilty with mixed results.

The recent installments of Batman, directed by Christopher Nolan, have done quite well in terms of dollars and critical acclaim. However, the Superman reboots have not done so well. Some believe that the Man Of Steel role is cursed, but I don't buy that. All I do know is they made a Batman fanboy interested in Superman.

How? Just announced that the next Superman movie will feature an epic battle with Batman. Comicbook fans are already familiar with that plot line, but movie goers may be scratching their heads. The good guys fighting each other just doesn't seem to fit the normal spaghetti western formula for action flicks. Perhaps it's a more natural progression than it seems. The success of The Avengers blockbuster has paved the way for the pairing, or grouping, of multiple superheroes in the same movie. This time the good guys are going to battle each other!

Is this a sign that Hollywood is trying to break it's own formulas? Or are they again masking the fact that it's another remake of a comic? Either way, this time around I'm very excited.

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