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Chaz & AJ Shutdown Showdown
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Until the government shutdown ends, Chaz and AJ's intern Wingnut will be living in a van at the Pilot Service Station in Milford off exit 40 on 95. Follow his tweets @ChazAJShutdown and listen to him check in all day long.

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  1. TedJ posted on 10/10/2013 08:43 PM
    I give Wingnut props for his stand against the shut down. If those ASSHOLES in Dickhead Country (DC) keep it up. We'll all be living out of our cars.

    Some FYI for everyone

    Every October starts the new fiscal year for the feds. During this time of year those idiots on Crapitol hill vote on where our tax dollars go. Regardless the state of the country, those jerks always vote themselves a pay raise. A junior member of Congress or the Senate starting pay is almost 175,000 annually and that doesn't include the perks.
    Imagine what a senior Congressman or Senator makes (go ahead google it up).
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