AJ's Car of the Day: 1967 AMC Rambler Rogue Convertible

Car: American Motors Corporation (AMC) Rambler Rogue Convertible

Year: 1967

What makes it special: It's the last year for the convertible version in the Rambler series.

What made it famous: For 1967 only, AMC's new 10.2:1 high-compression, high octane, 280 hp 343 cu in V8 equipped with a 4-barrel carburetor was optional in the Rogue model.

Why I would want one: An AMC Rambler wasn't considered a "street beast" by any means until that year, when a 343 cu in V8 was stuffed between the sub frame rails. "Clark Kent" looks with "Superman power" equals a lot of street light fun.

Fun Fact: Only 58 Factory installations of this engine were in AMC Rogues, and just 7 of them were convertibles.

Photo from hemmings.com