Chaz and AJ Weblog - 10/16/13

Benjamin Blake - Milford Mayor, had been called on behalf of AJ's non-sleeping habits because of endless road construction outside his front door.
Lydia Martinez - Bridgeport Council woman, on the phone with the update on the urban farm (including chickens and donkeys) which has been upsetting residents.
Dr. Patty Ann - relationship expert, she took on Q & A with the Tribe by offering her advice on this weeks' topic of "What does your Spouse do to Annoy You."
AJ's TOP 10 LIST: 
A statement from Haribo said that Hans Riegel, the longtime boss of the German candy maker who took the gummi bear to international fame, died of heart failure in Bonn, Germany Tuesday. He was 90. In a career spanning almost seven decades, Riegel was the driving force that made Haribo's gummi bears a sugary staple in Germany and around the world, beloved for their bright colors, teddy-bear shape and an earworm jingle that insisted "kids and grown-ups love it so."
Top 10: Iconic Candies Of All Time
1. M&Ms - Yep, the No. 1 candy melts in your mouth and comes in peanut, dark chocolate, pretzel and other varieties.
2. Hershey Bar - Classic. Perfect. No improvements necessary.
3. Snickers - Hands down, the best candy bar ever created.
4. Reese's peanut butter cups -- chocolate / peanut butter. Two great tastes that taste great together.
5. Kit-Kat - Buy one crispy candy, and it's like you're getting four! (Bonus: catchy theme song.)
6. Twizzlers - The go-to movie snack, every single time.
7. Gummi bears/worms - Bears are the classic, but some prefer gummi worms. One day, you'll be able to buy anything you want in gummi form.
8. Pez -- So what if they're not the best-tasting candy? They emerge from cartoon heads!
9. Tootsie Roll Pops - How many licks does it take? We're still trying to figure that one out.
10. Milk Duds -- Not only do chocolate and caramel belong together, here, they're made especially for moviegoing.
Q: If you want to tick off your boss, starting any dialogue with this should do the trick, What is it?
A: "With All Due Respect..."  (hint was: How to get noticed by your boss.)