Let The Weekend Begin

It is here again, FRIDAY! The time when you just turn off your brain and enjoy two days away from the slave pit. Two days that you can drop that fake smile you have to wear for your boss and put on the grinning idiot face that screams " I am free and I'm here for the party!" Friday begins a magical time when just a few drinks restore youthful athletic abilities untill something snaps or twists. Friday is the gateway to statements like "if we had a rocket engine I know we could do it". or "I'm having trouble finding my legs". It is the time when you realize the world does revolve around you, especially if you are on the floor. You suddenly know how to say "where are my pants" in 6 languages. But always remember that you don't want to have such a good time that you have to go to court to find out what actually happened. Don't drink and drive. Drink and stay put, make them fix you breakfast in the morning. After all it isn't much of a party if you have to leave before Sunday.