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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 11/6/13
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West Haven Mayor John Picard - Despite losing the Democratic Primary, Mayor Picard ran for re-election as a write-in candidate, but fell short. He was on the 
East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo - Mayor Maturo won his 7th term last night, and was on this morning, even though he couldn't remember the station call letters. 
Dennis McAllister - He was in studio filling-in for Dr. Patty Ann, helping the Tribe with the things their spouses do that annoy them.  
Erin Stewart - The 26-year-old Mayor-Elect of New Britain was on this morning to talk about her improbable victory. 
Rob Delaney - "The funniest man on Twitter" has a new book out, and called in to tell us about it.   

AJ's TOP 10 LIST: 

A study has found that men aren't pulling their weight at home. The Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development tracked 28 countries, and found that in 22 of them, women end up working longer hours than men in a week, if both paid and unpaid work are combined. 

Top 10: Man Chores 
1) Yard Work (lawn mowing, bush trimming, etc.)
2) Car Maintenance (upkeep, cleaning)
3) Vacuuming Around the House
4) Home Maintenance (painting, gutter clean-outs)
5) Snow Shoveling, Salting
6) Cleaning Out Garage/Attic/Basement
7) Fall Leaf Clean-Up
8) Chopping Of Firewood (*If You Have A Fireplace Or Wood Burning Stove)
9) Taking Out the Garbage
10) Empty The Dishwasher/Put Away Dishes 


Q: Of the millions of cars on the road, approximately 10% have this in common. What? 

A: The ‘Check Engine’ light is on. 

(Hint: Yep. It’s there) 

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