AJ's Car of the Day: 1965 Chrysler 300L Two-door Hardtop

Car:  Chrysler 300L Two-door Hardtop

Year: 1965

What makes it special: The 1965 Chrysler 300L was the final year of the traditional letter series. The 300 "letter series" cars were among the vehicles that focused on performance built by Chrysler after World War II, and are considered one of the muscle car's ancestors, though much more expensive and exclusive.

What made it famous: It featured the famed 413 cu in V8 engine, although unfortunately, the dual cross-ram manifold was no longer available. A regular carburetor and inlet manifold was the only one supplied for 1965, but it still gave the car ample "kick."

 Why I would want one:  I've always loved its crisp lines and slab sides. These are obscure muscle cars from back in the day. Very cool, and different...looks great with Magnum 500 rims mounted on Redline tires. Classy.

Fun fact: The Chrysler 300 letter series were built in very limited numbers. Each year's model used a new letter of the alphabet as a suffix ( with the exception of "I"), reaching 300L by 1965, after which the model was dropped. As an odd coincidence, I guess you could say the letter "L" stood for "Last." 

Driven by Connecticut International Auto Show