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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 11/14/13
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Ryan Ginty - Ryan is the CT Team Coordinator for Team Rubicon, one of only two organizations on the ground in the Philippines offering aid and participating in the search and rescue of survivors. 
Tom G - Captain Tom from Stamford Fire Department was in studio to play shock collar trivia, and to share information about how to best protect your home from fire and carbon monoxide during the winter months.  

AJ's TOP 10 LIST: 

A New London man who had a bit too much to drink was arrested Tuesday night after police said they found him fully exposed, urinating on a marked New London police vehicle. An off-duty officer said she arrived to work and saw Mark Bass, 29, urinating on the vehicle that was parked at the New London Police Headquarters. Police said that Bass was extremely intoxicated. He was conscious, police said, but was not compliant with their orders so they needed to pat him down. At that point, police said, they found a fully-loaded, .40 caliber Glock semi-automatic handgun. He was arrested and charged with carrying a loaded weapon under the influence of alcohol and breach of peace. 

Top 10: Surefire Ways To Get Arrested By The Police 
1) Threaten a Cop: They do not like to have their power threatened or challenged. Cops also have legal authority to kick your ass. By deductive reasoning, if you challenge a cop, he will arrest you. 
2) DWI or Open Container: Cops have some sort of honing beacon for open container. It’s like they have some sort of sensor that tells them whenever someone steps into a public area with a drink in hand.
) Theft: In the days of Hammurabi, they would cut off your hand for stealing (the good ole days). That was a pretty effective deterrent. Now you’ll only be arrested. 
4) Setting Fires: Arson is frowned upon, almost globally, and for good reason. Fires are bad. 
5) Public Nudity: Public nudity is a classic for a reason. If a cop sees a swinging dong, he’s got to deal with it immediately. 
6) Fake ID: Fake IDs are a necessity for the youngsters these days and cops know this. 
7) Selling/Possessing Drugs: People love drugs. Cops, however, do not love drugs. In fact, they do not like them so much that they’ll arrest you on the spot for having them. 
8) Fighting: Fighting will get you arrested in a hurry. 
9) Urinating in Public: Peeing in public is both illegal and disgusting. It’s also the most common reason for arrests. 
10) Gun in a school zone or Airport: This is quickly becoming a problem. This will always get you arrested. 


Q: Almost 75% of people surveyed said that they experience this at least once a year, if not several times. What is it? 

A: A sunburn. 

(Hint: Boy, was my face red!) 

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