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Stuff You Should Know - a full Christmas dinner in a can, ice loving cockroaches, and what state will officially recognize Festivus?

Would you eat this entire Christmas dinner all in one can?

The snow's here, and now it really feels like Christmas - which means we need to break out a viewing of the best Christmas movie of all - "Die Hard" - here are 20 facts about the movie you didn't know

A new breed of cockroach was discovered in New York City - one that THIRVES in the cold!

It probably won't surprise you that Adam Sandler is the most overpaid actor - but I was surprised that Denzel Washington and Matt Damon are in the top ten.

The Florida capitol building will not only have a Christmas and nativity scene, but, in an effort to accomodate everyone, it will have a Festivus pole.

Some bad news for Connecticut - we now have the 5th highest foreclosure rate in the country.

Awards season is almost here - here's the first list of the ten best movies of the year

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