Stuff You Should Know - Lottery fever (all over again), Tips for Jesus came to Connecticut, plus a supercut of every guy Arnold has ever killed on screen!

Tips for Jesus showed up last night at the Seagrape in Fairfield - and left a $5000 tip!

Since no one won on Friday, we need to go through it all over again - $550 million Mega Millions jackpot (but the odds of you winning are really not good) - but, hey, at least a Shelton man won big on Friday!

If you thought the weather was bad this weekend, just know it's not over - they're calling for another storm tomorrow.

Governor Malloy...teasing us all once again with the though of the Whalers coming back to Hartford.

Everybody just calm down - Brian the Dog is back on Family Guy - he came back last night.

No one on the planet should be surprised that Dan Brown's "Inferno" was the biggest book of the year.

Get comfortable - here's a supercut of everyone Arnold has ever killed on screen, in order (it's nearly 30 minutes long!):