Worst Drivers in the USA... Where's CT?

Apparently CT drivers aren't that bad. Yeah, I know I'm surprised too. This list of the worst drivers across the US by state, is pretty nuts. Of course, Florida has the "Worst Senior Drivers" category locked down. Surprisingly Washington DC has the most space-cadets, and the "Worst Teen Drivers" are in South Dakota. I say CT should be on this list somewhere....

Perhaps "Most Likely to Get Lost WITH a GPS", or "Worst Road Rage", or "Most Likely to Drive Like a New Yorker When You're NOT from NY" would fit the bill. I'm still undecided.

It's not that I want to paint CT in a bad light, but I just hate getting left off lists. We have the 6th worst stretch of traffic in the USA, shouldn't that get us something? (Other than a prescription of Zanax)