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Holy Delays Batman!
Batman vs Superman Mega Movie Opening Pushed Back
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The only controversy surrounding the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie has been Ben Affleck, until now. 

The film makers have announced that the flick's release will be delayed! Look for it in May of 2016 instead of July 2015. Why?

The official line is that they want more time to fully realize their vision... Obviously they need to fix something. Rumors are abound! Some say DC and Marvel are fighting over the 2016 summer movie slots. Others claim Ben Affleck has been injured during the filming!

The most intriguing to me is that some speculate that this Batman Vs Superman movie could be the setup for a Justice League movie, and they need more time to incorporate that end of the story. Honestly I hope not. If you know the orginal Frank Miller Graphic Novel, then you know they shouldn't  mess with a classic. Unless they want to replace Ben with Charlie Sheen, that would be phenominal!

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