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Stuff You Should Know - 5/7/14

When you type in all caps, it looks like you're yelling - and a judge in England has taken it to the next level by ordering a man to stop "YELLING" at his children

New music streaming! You can check out the entire new album from the Black Keys "Turn Blue" right now, a week before it comes out / or you can check out two new full albums from Blondie

Got $27.5 million lying around? You can buy Ron Howard's mansion in Greenwich

Michael Stipe of REM reportedly turned down the chance to perform the Friends theme song

Can you imagine the Walking Dead...without zombies? Someone from NBC actually wanted that.

Connecticut's getting closer to banning e-cigarette sales to minors

Some Bristol students may not be able to attend the prom if they don't pay their overdue library fines

It's officially last call as the Metro-North bar cars run for the very last time this Friday

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