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While we wander and wonder about what the hell is happening to our country, I stumbled across a few conversations that troubled me. Troubled me because they were so wrong about some basic concepts of our government. So I went to the U.S. Citizenship test just to make sure that I knew what I needed to know to be an American. I didn't and chances are you won't score too well either. Questions like "What is the supreme law of the United States? Can you name the original 13 colonies? What special group advises the President? How many terms can a President serve? A Senator? A member of the House? Can you name the rights listed in the Bill of Rights?" Google the answers if you don't know, that is what an engaged citizen would do instead of having it spoon fed to you. We have become a willfully ignorant society, let the change begin with each of us if we are to survive.

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