Stuff You Should Know - 2/5/14

It's snowing (again)! If you can stay home, Governor Malloy wants you to stay home.

Speaking of Governor Malloy, he wants Connecticut to have the highest minimum wage in the country.

Flea's official response to why the Red Hot Chili Peppers weren't plugged in for the Super Bowl performance makes perfect sense.

People are unhappy about the most recent "Biggest Loser" winner - they feel she lost too much weight.

Would you see a "Back to the Future" musical? It's happening in London next year, and may come to Broadway.

In a very bold move, CVS will no longer carry cigarettes or tobacco products.

This will just make you angry - Paris Hilton got paid $100,000 to DJ in Atlantic City, and then played blackjack...where she won another $50,000

Finally, Broken Bells performed "And I Love Her" with "Ringo" in a very unique performance on Letterman: