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The Giant Ant War Ended This Day In 1954
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It was on this day in 1954 the giant ant outbreak  finally came to an end. For a period of three years the southwest was terrorized by giant ants. Epic battles took place after the entire population of Dilly’s Bottom, Utah, were captured and enslaved as drones by the ant army.  While giant ants had roamed through the southwest  in the 1800’s, as more communities were built in their feeding areas, it was just a matter of time before a clash of two civilizations would come to a head. After fierce battles, costing many lives, General Curtis Goatheart was sent in by President Truman. Goatheart was a well-known interpreter and trained in the skill of ant talk. Through his efforts a peace treaty was reached that still exists to this day. The ants would remain underground with the government dropping off giant sugar cubes every month at the entrance to their underground kingdom at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming . In return for a safe haven and regular food deliveries, the giant ants taught humans the secrets of tunneling, which revolutionized the mining industry. In fact several giant ants were used to assist in the tunnel under the English Channel in the 1970’s.

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